Land Based Drilling Rig Accidents

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Not only does Texas have more than its share of oil fields and drilling rigs teeming with drilling rigs, it also has its share of injuries and fatal accidents. For over 35 years, Hampton & King have helped workers hurt in on-shore oil rig and other personal injury accidents, get the compensation they need for themselves and families.

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Experienced advice in on-shore oil drilling injury accidents

Victims of oilfield accidents worry about losing jobs, supporting their families and recovering from their injuries after an accident. We have the knowledge and experience to help them obtain compensation and other damages they need and deserve after a drilling and work over rig accident such as:

Many land based oil rig accidents result from worker errors, company negligence and harsh working conditions. The severe injuries and fatal accidents that can occur create complex issues of accident reconstruction and liability.

We have the experience and the resources to investigate and prosecute claims involving the defective design of oilfield equipment.

We can help make a difference in your claim

Proper handling of your personal injury or wrongful death case in an on-shore drilling rig accident can make a big difference in helping your physical recovery and financial matters in the years ahead. Contact Hampton & King in Houston, Texas, today for a no-cost consultation.