Drilling Rig Defects

Drilling Rig Defects Lawyer for South Texas

One cause of many oilfield and offshore platform accidents are drilling rig defects. Oil companies keep older rigs in service that may lack safety features, plus other defective devices and harsh environmental factors can result in structural and equipment failures causing injuries for workers in Bay City, Texas City, La Marque and elsewhere in Texas.

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Understanding the causes and consequences of oil rig defects

Our extensive background handling land-based oil rig accidents and the maritime law implications in off-shore drilling rig accident cases can make a difference in reaching a successful outcome for our clients. We understand the causes:

  • Design Defects
  • Corrosion to pipes, valves and struts
  • Damaged tongs, blocks and cables
  • Faulty or missing safety guards
  • Rusted railings, ladders and grating
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Manufacturing flaws

We address the catastrophic injury or fatalities that occur due to:

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