Sexual Abuse

Texas Child Abuse Lawyer

When a child suffers sexual abuse by a trusted caregiver or member of the clergy, the harm can be permanent. There is nothing that can undo the deep psychological trauma, emotional distress, and physical injuries that result from sexual assault but, with time, courage, and therapy, they can be overcome.

For 35 years, attorney Hartley Hampton has been helping victims of molestation and rape recover from—and overcome—the damage of sexual abuse. In fact, Hampton & King, places a special emphasis on representing victims of sexual crimes.

If you or a family member has suffered a physical or psychological injury resulting from child sexual abuse or rape--especially sexual abuse by a religious leader--you may find empowerment in pressing a legal claim against your abuser for compensation for the crime committed against you. In most cases, you have the right to make a claim even if criminal charges were never filed or were not successful.

We can help you seek monetary compensation from your abuser. Contact our offices to schedule a no-cost consultation.

When we meet to discuss your situation, you will not hear us say that we feel your pain or understand the depth of your hurt. We don't. Nobody does. We know that experiences of sexual abuse and rape are deeply personal and significant. What we will promise is to provide serious, compassionate, and vigorous representation.

Hampton & King is recognized throughout the Texas legal community for our integrity and professionalism in our legal approach and in the strategies we use to help victims of sexual crimes. We thoroughly investigate what happened and rely on additional professional resources to help us determine the full extent of the damage to your life and the compensation that could make clear what have you lost and pay for the services and time you need to recover. We handle every shtmlect of your legal claim, so you can focus on overcoming the effects of your injuries.

Recognizing Sexual Abuse in Children

If a child has been the victim of sexual abuse, he or she may not always be able or willing to talk about it. The Mental Health Journal recommends paying close attention if a child exhibits any of these signs:

  • Appears withdrawn or engaged in infantile behavior
  • Sudden bedwetting
  • Poor relationships with friends
  • Unwilling to participate in physical activities
  • Delinquent acts
  • Creates drawings that are overly focused on sexual body parts
  • Unusual response when asked if he or she was touched by someone
  • Exhibits an unreasonable fear of a physical exam

This is only a partial list of the things to watch for in a child if you begin to suspect sexual abuse. If you do, please contact a medical professional to learn more about the symptoms of rape injuries and the signs of emotional distress associated with sexual violence.

If you feel you or a family member could benefit from making a legal claim for compensation after being raped or sexually abused, please contact our Houston law offices to schedule a no-cost consultation.