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Medication Errors

Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Complications from drug interactions, drug dispensing errors, and overdose cause serious harm to thousands of American healthcare consumers every year. Causes of medication injuries include misfilling prescriptions, illegible prescriptions, prescription preparation errors, missed administration of doses by hospital personnel, dispensing or tracking equipment failures, inadequate monitoring, and using the wrong technique when administering a drug.

An error in the medication process can cause a chain reaction and serious and long-term consequences. Medication administration and drug dispensing errors can cause prolonged hospitalization due to worsening of illnesses, permanent prescription drug injuries, and even death. If this has occurred, a detailed review of the medical records is recommended to evaluate the cause of the error and relationship to your clinical course and outcome.

At the law firm of Hartley Hampton, P.C., we understand that medication errors often happen because of overworked clinical and hospital workers and miscommunication between medical staff members. Medication errors often require a close examination and investigation of charts and hospital records to determine what went wrong. We will thoroughly investigate your claim to discover the extent of liability and the compensation you will need to recover. Contact our Houston law offices to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Serious Conditions that result from Medication Errors

There are also serious conditions that result from prescribing the wrong medication or providing the wrong dose. At Hartley Hampton, P.C., we represent clients in cases involving:

A trial lawyer for more than 30 years, Texas medical malpractice attorney Hartley Hampton has earned a reputation throughout the south Texas legal community for providing vigorous and thorough representation for clients suffering from the results of medication or drug dispensing error. Our firm employs a registered nurse, who coordinates the efforts of a team of professionals who work on our clients’ behalf.

Medication Safety Advice

Here is some advice to help reduce the risk of a medication error, from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices’ (2006) General Advice on Safe Medication Use:

  • Bring a list of your medications, dose, and how often you take them to the hospital so that doctors and nurses will know what you are taking.
  • Bring a list of medications you cannot take due to allergic reactions and give it to the doctors and nurses involved in your care.
  • Do not let anyone give you medication without checking your hospital ID bracelet every time, to prevent getting someone else’s medication.
  • Be sure to ask questions regarding the names of your medications and the reasons you are taking them.
  • Request any information that is available about your medications so that you understand the potential benefits as well as potential risks for drug interactions and side effects.
  • Before having any tests which require dyes, be sure to remind the nurse or doctor if you have allergies.
  • Before going home, ask the doctor, nurse or pharmacist go over each medication with you and a family member.

Contact Hartley Hampton, P.C., to schedule a no-cost consultation with attorney Hartley Hampton about your case.

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