Complications of Childbirth

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When doctors or nurses fail to adhere to standard treatment protocols, a devastating birth injury can occur. Similar practices can injure the mother in pregnancy or during labor and delivery.

At the law office of Hartley Hampton, P.C., we work with obstetricians and other medical experts to review decisions made by doctors and nurses prior to and during labor and delivery. Our office analyzes medical records, delivery room video and other evidence to determine what happened and why.

We have the experience and expert witness resources needed to take on powerful insurance companies, hospitals and doctors. To schedule a free consultation, contact Houston birth complications attorney Hartley Hampton today.

Injuries to Mothers

The law office of Hartley Hampton, P.C., represents mothers who have been injured or made ill due to negligence by a doctor, nurse or other health care professional during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or after delivery:

If your family is dealing with the devastating loss of a mother due to a birth injury, we can help you explore your options for pursuing a wrongful death claim.

We also handle cases involving birth injuries to the baby.

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