Pregnancy-Related Negligence

Pregnancy-related negligence can be broken into several categories. Some of the common areas are diagnostic errors, treatment errors and medication errors.

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Diagnostic Errors

Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of a pregnancy-related medical condition such as gestational diabetes or eclampsia can lead to a dangerous delay in treatment that could harm the mother or the baby. Diagnostic errors can be the result of a doctor simply failing to adequately examine the mother's symptoms or failing to order the correct prenatal tests. These errors can also stem from issues in the lab or the inaccurate reading of test results.

Treatment Errors

Recently, the Annals of Family Medicine reported that miscommunication between nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other medical staff can lead to improper treatment of a medical condition. Perhaps a nurse fails to provide information that could indicate fetal distress to a doctor, or a doctor fails to provide information about the mother's allergies to an anesthesiologist. These errors can lead to serious repercussions, oftentimes more severe than the condition being treated.

Medication Errors

Particularly when dealing with prescription painkillers and labor-inducing drugs such as Pitocin, it is critical that doctors and pharmacists take great care. Medication errors can be severe if the doctor puts a decimal point in the wrong place or the pharmacist fails to notice the potential for a dangerous drug interaction. Nurses may also be responsible for administering incorrect drugs.

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