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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Texas TBI Attorney

The Brain Injury Association of America reports that more than 1.4 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the United States every year. Tragically, 50,000 people die and another 235,000 are hospitalized. TBI is best defined as a brain injury resulting from a severe blow or injury to the head that disrupts the function of the brain. Brain damage may range from a brief change in consciousness to an extended period of amnesia after the injury. A TBI can result in short or long-term neurological and psychological problems that affect a persons ability to function at a normal level.

Texas personal injury attorney Hartley Hampton has 30 years of experience helping people recover compensation after suffering serious or catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury. At Hartley Hampton, P.C., we work with a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the area of brain injury resulting from anesthesiology errors and other medical negligence. Hartley has handled a wide variety of closed head injury claims resulting from virtually every type of negligence or criminal act, such as assault.

If you or a member of your family is facing the tragedy of a traumatic brain injury, please contact the Houston law offices of Hartley Hampton, P.C., to schedule a no-cost consultation about your legal options.

An experienced of a team of legal and medical professionals

Hartley Hampton, P.C., employs a registered nurses consultants. They have extensive experience in clinical care, emergency treatment, and surgical procedures medicine. She is a Certified Practitioner in Healthcare Quality and served as director of a quality management program for the 1,500 physician staff of a large Texas hospital. Nurses work with first-rate medical and accident investigation experts to analyze the merits of each brain injury claim and assists in the development of cases through trial.

Contact Hartley Hampton, P.C., to schedule a no-cost consultation about your traumatic brain injury and potential compensation claim.

If you have questions about personal injury claims, medical malpractice, or what you can do to keep yourself safer on the roads or in the hospital, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury and Wrongful Death.

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