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Describe the train accident in which you were injured. What were the date and time of the accident and exactly where did it occur?

What railroad operated the train that injured you?

At the time of the accident were you a railroad employee?
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Did the accident occur or were you injured while you were a railroad passenger?
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Were you outside the train when the accident occurred as a passenger in a motor vehicle that collided with the train or as a pedestrian?
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Can you identify any features of the scene that contributed to the accident?
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For example, were the sight lines sufficient and were the crossings clearly marked?

What were the conditions? Light or dark? Wet or dry? Snow or ice?

Did the police or any other investigative agency come to the scene of the accident?
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Do you have a copy of any reports that were issued?
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Was anyone else injured in the accident or collision?
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Can you name any other witnesses?
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What injuries did you suffer in the train accident?

What medical treatments have you received and what treatment do you continue to receive?

Please list your treating hospitals, physicians and therapists.

What is your long-term prognosis?

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