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The CPSC oversees more than 15,000 types of consumer products in the US. It establishes safety guidelines, sets fines and coordinates recalls of defective and dangerous products.

The FTC is responsible for handling complaints about false advertising and fraud, including claims that relate to product quality.

The FDA regulates the nation's drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and food. Its Web site provides information on its activities and recalled items.

ISMP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing both consumers and health care providers about the safe use of medication. The Web site discusses issues such as medication errors and easily confused drug names.

FirstGov is a source of governmental consumer information. Its Web site includes information on product safety and links to health, transportation and other information of interest to consumers.

Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) site for kids, with games and information emphasizing safety during play and at home.

US agency dedicated to investigating child safety seat compliance with regulations; seat belt usage; car safety; and safety recalls.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) information on items you may have in your home, with an eye toward their safety and ingredients.

A centralized database containing information on government recalls of dangerous and defective products.

Consumer information on safety recalls of items that present fire-related hazards.

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