Types Of Birth Injuries

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Birth injuries occur when nurses, doctors, or attending staff fail to properly communicate with each other or follow standard treatment protocols. Many birth injuries are preventable and arise out of medical malpractice and negligence on the part of healthcare providers. At Hampton & King, we work closely with a wide variety of medical experts and professionals in reviewing the actions of doctors and nurses in birth injury cases. We also consult medical economists and life care planners in order to accurately quantify the cost of a birth injury over time. Since some birth injuries result in permanent brain damage and physical impairment, you must take steps now to plan for the well-being and care of your child. At Hampton & King we explain how a structured settlement or special needs trust can help secure your child's future medical and financial needs.

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Kinds of Birth Injuries and Medical Malpractice

The medical malpractice law office of Hartley Hampton represents parents of injured children in cases involving the following kinds of birth injuries:

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