Suspected Large Fetus

Failure to anticipate a large fetus can lead to complications during delivery. If you or your baby suffered harm due to large fetus size, it may be because your doctor was negligent in monitoring your fetus during pregnancy.

The law firm of Hampton & King in Houston handles cases of birth injury due to large fetus size. Our attorneys offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions and explain your options. You may be entitled to compensation for the damages you or your baby has suffered.

Complications Of Large Fetus Delivery

The medical term for a big baby is fetal macrosomia. It is defined as a fetus weighing more than 9 pounds, 15 ounces. A large fetus makes vaginal delivery more difficult and can lead to complications for both the mother and the baby.

Fetal macrosomia can lead to:

  • Labor and delivery problems, such as the child becoming wedged in the birth canal
  • Shoulder dystocia or Erb's palsy
  • Tears to the mother's vaginal tissues and perineal muscles
  • Bleeding following delivery
  • Rupture of the uterus
  • Higher than normal blood sugar and blood pressure for your child
  • Childhood obesity
  • Possible risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease for your child later in life

If you have diabetes or your fetus weighs 11 pounds or more, your doctor should discuss the risks and benefits of cesarean delivery with you. After your child is born, your doctor should examine your child for signs of birth injury, including low blood sugar. Our lawyers will review all medical records and consult experts to determine if your doctor did everything he or she should have to monitor the size of your fetus during your pregnancy.

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